The History of the Band


As you all know by now, Kelsey Kendall has replaced Collin Jardine as our lead singer. We are excited about what the future hold for us. But we wanted to share with you the history of our band and how it all started. About three years ago I decided that I wanted to learn how to play an instrument. Some friends of mine played ukulele and they showed me a few things like strumming techniques, etc. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So later that day, I decided to order a ukulele online. Within a few weeks, my ukulele arrived and I started teaching myself to play. After countless Youtube tutorials, and a lot of practice, I was turning into a pretty solid ukulele player. Jordan also wanted to learn how to play an instrument so he started learning how to play piano on keyboards. At the same time, my sister, Kelsey, who has sang all her life, decided to learn guitar so did the exact same thing. They were inspired to buy instruments when I bought my ukulele.

After about a year of playing ukulele, I was at my friend Collin’s house and he started showing me a song he wrote on guitar. He had been playing guitar and writing his own stuff for years. His song really impressed me. He casually mentioned me bringing over my ukulele sometime to play with him. I brought my ukulele over the very next day and we had a blast jamming out. Playing instruments with other people doesn’t even compare to playing them alone. We started playing music together and sharing songs with each other a couple of times a week. After about a month of playing, we decided to make it official and form a band. We came up with the band name, Simplicity. We thought that our two man band was a pretty simple format, and we tried to write simple sounding songs so the band name was the perfect fit. We had a very unique style. We used a mix of electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and ukulele. We used dual vocals and usually both sang different parts in every song. I wasn’t used to playing with other people so I wasn’t very good yet. Collin usually came up with the riffs and just taught me what to play. I got better with time, but I admit, that I wasn’t very good back then. We worked for months. We found a way to get music on iTunes so we decided to start recording. We didn’t have the greatest equipment, so the recording process was long and frustrating. We went through hours of recording trying to get our songs to sound right. After almost fifteen long hours of working, we finally finished recording two songs. Both, I might add, were miraculously free of static. We released our first song, called ‘Your Song’ on iTunes. Looking back, we aren’t completely satisfied with any of our songs, but we have much more experience now.

Since recording was so frustrating for us, we decided to stop playing music together. It was a very sad thing, but it was for the best. We never really talked about it, but we had an unspoken agreement that it was over. For the entire summer, we didn’t even talk. I practiced ukulele a lot over the summer and got a lot better.

A few months later, school was starting up again. Collin and I had been carpooling to school the past few semesters and we decided to do it again this semester. The first day of school came and we hung out after school. Somehow, Collin ended up playing guitar and jamming out. I played ukulele to go along with him and we started writing a song. It was amazing. We got so excited about it that we decided to start working on it more. The next school day he came over again and we decided we wanted piano to be in the song. So Jordan came down and we showed him what riff to play. The song all came together at once and we started working on it after every school day. As the weeks passed, songs started coming out. We all worked very well together and had the same writing style. We all played and sang by feel and songs came out naturally. In the first six band practices, we wrote six songs. We decided to make it official and become a band. After much deliberation we named ourselves ‘We Stand Alone’ after a lyric in our favorite original song.

As a band, we were a perfect fit. Over the next several months, we had a large amount of songs. Granted, some weren’t up to par, and some were just funny songs to play for fun. But we had enough songs to start picking and choosing for an album. We recorded one of our songs and the recording process went by much smoother than the last time. Without the proper equipment, the recording process is much slower, but after just a few hours, we had the majority of the song completed. I started learning guitar to help make our band even better and more dynamic. We also decided to start a Youtube account and start recording live songs. We recorded a couple of songs and put them on Youtube and Facebook. We had recorded several live demos for our new CD, Angels. Things were going great.

As the months passed and a new semester of school started, things started going downhill. Collin and I were both single and hadn’t been dating anyone recently so we were struggling for inspiration. We ended up writing a new song every practice, but all of them were missing a very important thing; the lyrics. We struggled to find good lyrics, especially ones that we could relate to. It was very important for us to be able to relate to the lyrics that we wrote. We wanted to continue writing songs because we were continuously getting better and better at it. We didn’t want to settle and wanted our CD to be the best it could be. But we were starting to get frustrated and were desperate for something new and fresh. Then, just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, we got the news that Collin had to move to Chicago. It was for personal reasons, but it was terrible news for our band. Long story short, it was over and there was nothing that we could do about it.

So Collin had to go and our band had to break up. Jordan and I still wanted to pursue music as a hobby and still wanted to play in a band, so we got our extremely talented sister, Kelsey, to replace him. We couldn’t use any of the songs we wrote with Collin, so we were starting fresh. Kelsey had several songs of her own that we could use and fine tune, but other than that, we were starting fresh. We will always miss the times we had with Collin, but we look forward to what the future holds.



I Know You Know

Well, Collin landed in Chicago today so we wanted to wish him well with one of our firsts songs. Good luck with everything Collin. We will always miss the times we had. Maybe one day we will eventually record all of the songs we have written.

Hey Jude Piano Jam Session

Hey it’s not perfect but we’re all just jamming out to Hey Jude by the Beatles.

Come Sail Away Styx Piano Cover

Our very own Jordan Kendall playing Come Sail Away on piano. You guessed it, he did learn this song by ear. There are a few minor mistakes, but he learned this song by ear and did it in one take so give the guy a break.

Enjoy the cover and feel free to sing along!

Much love,

We Stand Alone

Getting to know the band.

With new band members comes change. So we just wanted you guys to get to know each of our members just a little bit better. So here are some facts about each member of the band.


Jace is 20 years old, in his second year of college at UVU. He has played ukulele for three years now and guitar for six months. He taught himself how to play both. He likes to sing around the band, but isn’t the greatest singer and rarely does it in public. He is outgoing, confident, and has his own unique styles and ideas. He plays basketball, and hangs out for fun. His favorite bands are Death Cab for Cutie, and the Smiths.


Jordan is a Junior at Riverton High School. Jordan is self taught at piano and actually plays by ear. He has little musical knowledge and background, which makes it that much more impressive how talented he is. He can listen to a song, and within a few minutes, be playing the chords on piano. He has a gift that not many people have. Jordan has a lot of friends and is very popular, but he is reserved and keeps to himself a lot of the time. His favorite band is the Beatles.


Kelsey is a college graduate. She is self taught at guitar and has been singing her entire life. She has been in musicals, plays, and taken singing lessons for her entire life. She has been playing guitar and writing her own music for almost two years now. She is an extremely talented singer and musician. Kelsey is a very bubbly, friendly person. She makes friends easily and everyone loves her. Kelsey’s favorite bands are Rascal Flatts and the Beatles.

Bittersweet News

Hey everyone. Jace here. About a year ago, three kids decided that they wanted to try something new. They all bought instruments, scoured youtube for lessons on how to play them, and got to work. Eventually, they decided to start playing music together for fun, and the band We Stand Alone was formed. The band consisted of two brothers, one on keyboard, and one on ukulele and guitar; and a close friend on lead guitar and lead vocals. Jordan played keyboards and usually played the rhythm of the song, although sometimes played the lead. Jace usually wrote the guitar riffs and sometimes played ukulele aswell. Collin played lead guitar, and sang lead vocals. All three members wrote lyrics and threw ideas around for different songs.

We formed this band for a few different reasons. The first and biggest one being our love and passion for music. We all loved writing and playing music together and had fun doing it. It was fun for us to write a bunch of songs, play them all together, and share our favorites with everyone. We wrote close to fifty songs together in the year that we played. Some were just joke songs, some were serious, and some were very personal. Some songs were written and played for girls that we liked, and some were played to laugh and have fun. One of our biggest regrets is that we didn’t record more songs to share. We didn’t record all of our best songs because we eventually wanted to make an album with them. So we kept our best, most emotional and personal songs to ourselves for the time being and that is something we will always regret.

You guys are probably wondering why we are referring to our music in the past tense. Well, to make a long story short, Collin is moving out of state. We decided to go our seperate ways with music from there, but we will always cherish the time we had. Maybe one day we will get back together and record our band’s best songs. But for now, we decided to go our seperate ways. But in life, when one door closes, another one opens, and we found a new lead singer and guitar player. Our incredibly talented sister, Kelsey, has agreed to join our band and play music with us. We are keeping the same band name. Unfortunately, it would be unfair to use any of the songs we wrote with Collin so we’re starting fresh. But we already have some new songs in the works and are excited to share them.

We will all truly miss Collin and the times we shared but we are looking forward to having a female singer and writing all new songs. We look forward to the future of the band. In the next couple of days, we will post a piano cover, a jam session cover, and an original song to share with you guys. We look forward to it.


Much love,

We Stand Alone

Bittersweet News

Musical Influence

Hey guys!

We’ve had a lot of different bands that have influenced our music. The way we write, the way we play, the attitude and sound that we have. We just wanted to share a few of those with you.


Death Cab for Cutie:

Death Cab for Cutie is one of my all time favorite bands. Ben Gibbard is a genius and every song has deep meaning to it. They put their heart into their music and each line has meaning. While we may not sound like them all that much, we are greatly influenced by their lyrical style, and their love for what they do. Their lyrics are very poetic and meaningful. They have definitely had a big influence on the songs that we write.


The Beatles:

The Beatles are one of, if not the most influential bands in the last 100 years. They have also had an influence on us. Most of their songs have simple chords, a simple melody, and simple lyrics with a simple message. But it’s all very catchy and very powerful. They write beautiful acoustic love songs. And that’s exactly what we try to do.


Dashboard Confessional

This band has also had a big impact on our music. Their songs are mostly acoustic, and mostly love songs. We really try to do the same thing they do. We try to put the same feeling and message in our lyrics and sound that they do.


The Maine

This band is much like the ones that we’ve mentioned. We really draw inspiration from them lyrically and musically. The unique thing about this band, is that the way that they write their music. Most of their songs were written based off a riff. They start with a catchy riff and go from there. We write our songs the same way. We start off with a riff and then expand on it with more layers and eventually we write the lyrics for it.


Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade is another band that is acoustic with an emphasis on love songs. Their songs all have a simplicity to them that we really love. The songs are driven by the lyrics and they are all very emotional. We hope to put that same raw emotion in our songs.


These are just some of our many musical influences that we have. Just thought we’d share with you guys.

– We Stand Alone –

Writers Block

Hey everyone! Thanks for being so patient with us. We haven’t posted anything for a little while here. We’ve been pretty busy lately and unfortunately, music has taken a backseat to schoolwork and other things. We’ll be right back to doing what we do soon enough. We don’t want to rush anything and end up putting out a song that we aren’t happy with.  It’s like the old saying says, you can’t rush inspiration. Although we may not have any original songs to post, we have a couple of covers that we’ve been playing around with that we’ll be posting here shortly. If anyone has any ideas for something to write a song about, or any covers that you think we should try to take on, just let us know. You never know, we just might do it and we are always open to ideas and suggestions.

Much love,

We Stand Alone

Working in the studio

I know that we’ve had a drought of songs lately. We have a few really awesome songs that we’ve been working on lately that we want to share with you guys. We’ve been working on recording these songs and will eventually make a music video and post them up. We’re really excited about it. We hope to be finishing these songs up in the next couple of weeks and then working on a music video and going from there. Thanks for being patient with us.

-We Stand Alone

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